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A revolution in canary seed

A whole new kind of canary seed has come to market: Canario.

Developed in Canada, Canario is glabrous – hairless – which means that, for the first time, producers, processors and packagers can expect less dust and less itch when processing canary seed. It’s a long awaited development that will change the face of canary seed production around the world.

Market ready
Canario is the perfect option for birdseed processors and packagers because it main-tains the high protein of traditional canary seed varieties while eliminating the irritating hair.

Quality standards
New Canario varieties are subject to strict quality standards to ensure processors get what they want. Based on commercial pedigreed seed stan-dards, Canario varieties must be 97% hairless in order to bear the Canario trademark. That trademark is the processor’s guarantee of purity.

Canadian leadership
Canada is the world’s No. 1 producer and exporter of canary seed with prime growing areas in the prairie province of Saskatchewan. The Canadian industry anticipates that glabrous Canario will replace regular canary seed over the next three years as the canary seed of choice among producers and processors.

Canario: the future is here
If you’re looking for the future of canary seed, look no further than Canario. Hairless, yet with all the performance characteristics of traditional canary seed, Canario will set the pace for the next century.

Regular Canary Seed

Hairless Canary Seed